Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Real Men Go To The Doctor

Recent research shows than men are 24% less likely to visit a doctor than women are.  And they are more likely to be hospitalized for health conditions that could have been prevented.  

Thus, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ--where I am currently employed) released their public service advertising campaign yesterday to promote men's preventive health.  The timing coincides with Men's Health Week, which, for 2010, is June 14th through 20th.  Laura Landro covered the story in an excellent video for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which you can watch here.

Please encourage your friends and family to visit the doctor.  Simple preventive tests can detect diseases early, when treatment is easier and your health outcomes will be better.  Here is a list of preventive medical tests men should have completed. Immunizations and screening tests for body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, sexually transmitted diseases, and colerectal cancer are just a few of the preventive tests that should be done. 

There are a number of campaign materials here, including television, radio, and print.  I highly suggest checking them out--they are effective, well-crafted, and really interesting!  I've included a couple of the print materials and an outdoor banner as the images for this story.

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Anonymous said...

To get me to go regularly to doctor will be a whole challenge in itself. I went to MAYO Clinic four years ago for my first complete "executive" physical and would recommend that to anyone! I was in my late forties at that time.
Aurora, Nebraska